#God Hand (Developer: Clover Studio, Publisher: Capcom)

God Hand, very much like Mikami’s other action classic Vanquish, is lightening in the bottle. There is no sequel, both games arrived with very little fanfare and run at a modest 30fps.

In theory, God Hand shouldn’t work; it’s tank controls and rudimentary level design were frowned upon even back in 2006. However, spend just enough time with it to learn it’s intricacies; the depth to it’s combat, it’s off beat humour and rock solid challenge and you’ll find one of the most rewarding 3D action games ever created.

I never did get past the 3rd stage on the hardest difficulty, but completing all 51 fighting ring challenges was exhilarating. The nail-biting boss battles, the ongoing rivalry with your nemises, Devil Hand, the way that the game increases in difficulty the better you perform. Genius.

There will never be another game quite like it.

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