Bloodborne (Developer: FROM Software, Publisher: SCE)

I’ve recently found myself playing and enjoying older games far more than newer, modern day titles. I tend to prefer the challenge and immediacy of a traditional action platformer and modern day takes on the genre, such as ‘Hard Corps: Uprising’ or ‘Volgarr the Viking’ have provided hours of enjoyment.

However, once in a while, a game will surprise you, draw you into it with it’s mystery, it’s intrigue and attention to detail. Bloodborne, is Hidetaka Miyazaki’s first PS4 only title, with mechanics and feel very much rooted in the Demon/Dark Souls school of combat (with subtle changes) and mythos. What is so captivating about this game (and the ‘Souls’ series as a whole) is it’s setting, the minimal use of hand holding and storytelling; there is a story, a very deep and complex one, but Miyazaki allows your mind to interpret the various notes and breadcrumbs however you see fit. You might not be aware of exactly every specific detail, but the underlying crux of the events that have transpired and are yet to transpire, is very much there.

From it’s Lovecraftian inspired enemies to the haunting melodies and backdrop, Bloodborne immerses the player in a familiar, yet alien world where every foe is a challenge to learn and overcome, the protagonist increasing in skill/power with each step forward into yet another mist shrouded doorway anticipating the horror that awaits beyond.

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