Slain: Back from hell (PS4, Wolf Brew games)

While awaiting the arrival of Volgarr the Viking on PS4 and with my Retro set up still at my mum’s, I’ve been pining for some old school, 2D side scrolling action and Slain: Back from hell, has certainly filled that void. Initially released at the start of the year, Slain was met with a lukewarm reception due to some gameplay/mechanical issues. The devs took the criticism on the chin, put the game back in the oven and re-released it with the witty ‘Back from Hell’ subtitle.

What we have now is a more than satisfactory action platformer with tight controls, some interesting mechanics and high difficulty – all necessary components for creating a solid entry in this genre. Having just completed it, I’d highly recommend Slain: Back from hell to any other like minded enthusiast.

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