(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RE2hNrq1Zxs)

Microsoft expose Project Scorpio

On Thursday, Digital Foundry exclusively unveiled the specs of the Microsoft’s XBOX refresh codenamed “Scorpio”. All the details can be found over at eurogamer.net, but needless to say, the hardware is very powerful. This is all very exciting, but Microsoft know that it’s the software that is going to determine whether Scorpio sinks or swims. This year’s E3 should be very interesting. Last generation, the 360 was my primary gaming device and other than a few exclusives, I tended to purchase all multi-platform software on there. That I have gravitated to Playsation 4 as my platform of choice this generation says a lot about the quality of exclusives on that console when compared to the opposition. I’m hoping Microsoft come back with a vengence at E3 because healthy competition is what this industry thrives on.

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