Who is Thegaminghubby?

As a single guy, I was able to game to my hearts content; I could spend entire Saturdays in Skyrim or doing my level best (but failing, miserably) to finish Ninja Gaiden 2 on Master Ninja difficulty, without having to think about devoting my time to a significant other.

Spending wise, I wouldn’t bat an eyelid; provided I had the funds available, every statue or limited edition that caught my eye, I bought; I wasn’t making amazing money, but I was living at home and had a reasonable amount of disposable income.

After I met my girlfriend at the time (now devoted wife, Mrs K), I realised that interest in my gaming habit was steadily declining. I was having less disposable income, less time, and I found myself reading more about games as opposed to actually playing them. As the relationship progressed we eventually moved in together and, in 2014, we were married. Great times. A married man, finally!

Marriage is the best thing to have ever happened to me and, luckily enough, Mrs K has accepted that, yes, I am a massive nerd and yes, gaming is the hobby I am most passionate about – this is part of why I love her so much. 🙂

I decided to start a blog (soon to be a vlog too – watch space!) to, not only cover gaming in general, but to also advise others in a similar situation as me – whether you have a wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend who isn’t particularly interested in gaming, as gamers, there are many ways in which we can continue to enjoy our hobby, while keeping our better halves happy. I will discuss some of the techniques (yes people, it’s that deep) I use and look forward to reading some of yours (Let’s make this a collaborative effort!).

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