Argh! My Husband is a gamer!

Episode 1: Micro-gaming

Before Mrs K and I go out, it usually takes me around 20 mins max to get showered and ready before I leave the house. Mrs K, however, can take up to an hour, what with make up and hair styling duties to perform. Do I get frustrated with her and sulk? Maybe I sit and wait patiently twiddling my thumbs?

No way!

Why? Because that hour can be used to flex that nerd muscle and get in some precious micro-gaming time! I switch on the PS4 and play a fighting game, usually Street Fighter V; mainly because it’s quick, doesn’t require a significant time investment and I can quickly end a session without losing progress if we have to suddenly leave. Fighting games, therefore are perfect for this situation, however something quick like an arcade action game or a sports title can perform a similar job.

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