Argh! My Husband is a gamer!

Episode 2: Streetfire!

So, your nephews are visiting, both are under the age of 10, one 7 the other 2. How do you keep them occupied for hours on end as well as score some points with the other half?

Play some games of course!!

My two nephews (my sister-in-law’s children) are two wonderful kids. Full of life and, like many, post-millenium children, are already tech savvy. About a year ago, I introduced them to Streetfighter V and since then, they have become huge fans, often sitting in silence, engrossed, watching tournament footage on YouTube. As soon as they enter the flat, the first thing the youngest (2) says to me is ‘Streetfire?’ (he means Streetfighter). We get the controllers out (standard PS4 controlller for the 7 year old and a PS3 controller for the 2 year old – yes, it doesn’t work, but it does the job in giving him the impression that he’s participating!) and start playing. My usual tactic of sandbagging doesn’t work anymore with the 7 year old; he’s fully aware when I’m holding back. He’s improving, learning and in a few years, I can see him graduating to to an arcade stick – he’ll soon be giving me a run for my money. While we are battling, we can hear cries of ‘Oh my God!’ from the 2 year old in the background providing a full on running commentary.


So how do these shenanigans benefit Mrs K? Well, it gives her a break, allowing her to get on with the things she needs to do like preparing their bedding if they are staying over and food. For me, I find it rewarding to engage with the two boys and also, I view gaming as a useful development aid and a fun way for them to improve their cognitive skills. I look forward to their next visit which will, hopefully, co-incide with the launch of my YouTube channel. The footage is guaranteed to entertain! 

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