Sega Mega Drive: To be this good…

Back in the early 90s, the Sega Mega Drive(EU) was the first console we (my older brother and I) owned after migrating from the 8-bit Commodore 64 – we somehow skipped the entire 8-bit console generation.

As 2 brothers close in age, we gravitated towards two-player games; sports titles such as John Madden NFL ‘92 (EA) (the game actually led to both of us becoming American football fans) and EA Hockey (EA). Sport wasn’t the the only genre that grabbed our attention; beat em’ ups such as Streets of Rage (Sega) and it’s 16meg sequel Streets of Rage 2 (Sega) were also heavy rotation. As were action classics such as Revenge of Shinobi (Sega), Ecco the Dolphin (Sega) and Rolling Thunder 2 (Namcot). Unfortunately, growing up in a single parent home meant that we were not blessed with large sums of money to spend on games, so our collection remained quite small.

A a result, I decided to re-purchase a Mega Drive(JP) to play some of the titles I had missed out on as a child and also experience them in their full 60hz glory; living in the UK meant that we had to endure screen borders and a reduced framerate for all our games. One benefit of living in PAL land is that I can hook the JP Mega Drive up to a CRT via RGB and no other console displays a better picture in RGB than the Mega Drive.

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