Spotlight: Week of Street Fighter II!

Day 3: Street Fighter II comes home/Champion Sounds

Shortly after our discovery, the video game magazine, ‘Mean Machines’ ran a story which stated that the Super famicom would receive a port of the Arcade smash hit, Street Fighter II (Capcom) in 1992. Having only recently purchased a Mega Drive and with no prospect of picking up a Super Nintendo, to say we were downhearted would have been a huge understatement. Still, there was a port announced for the Amiga 500 and a good friend of ours was fortunate enough to own Commodore’s premier home computer. Our friend had only a passing interest in Street Fighter, however, we somehow coerced him into pulling the trigger on the Amiga version. To our horror, the game was an absolute train-wreck (as with all U.S Gold ports) and bore little resemblence to it’s Arcade parent.

So near, yet so, so far away.

In June 1992, the Super Famicom port was released in Japan to critical acclaim and by this time, my interactions with the game were restricted to poring screenshots in gaming magazines, CVG (Computer and Video Games magazine) and Mean Machines. Each shot was memorised, every frame captured in my minds eye. This was effectively torture – to clarify, I still hadn’t played Street Fighter II at this point; I had managed to convince myself that playing the Amiga version was a bad dream.

One day in summer, the 3 of us (my brother, our Amiga owning friend and I) took a trip to the local corner shop/laundrette to stock up on some sugery supplies for the weekend. To our shock and complete surprise, we heard those all too familiar sound effects eminating from the laundry room’s sole arcade cabinet.

Street Fighter II had finally come home. Or so we thought…

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