NES Action classics series #1: Finishing Ninja Gaiden

Way back in July 2016, I placed a pre-order for the Nintendo Classic Mini on Amazon. I did so on a whim; I never grew up with the NES, but the price was a steal (£40.00) and the prospect of owning so many classic titles that are instantly accessible was too tempting. Little did we know that the console would suffer stock shortages, before being discontinued with units being sold for extortionate prices on eBay within a year.

I don’t intend to sell mine, as I have some big plans…

In a series I’m calling: NES Action classics, the challenge is to work through some of greatest action titles on the console and complete each one…within a month!

May’s challenge is to finish the hard as nails Ninja Gaiden (Tecmo).

My history with the franchise:

The XBOX series reboot, particularly the first 2 games (Ninja Gaiden: Black and Ninja Gaiden 2) are two of my favourite titles of the past decade, with Black competing for the position as my favourite game of all time. I have completed the eshop port of the orginal NES Ninja Gaiden and on the 3DS (using save states, however!).

During this series, I intend to become proficient enough to complete each title in one sitting (that means no save states!).

Wish me luck!

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