Argh! My Husband is a gamer!

Episode 3: Tetris and chill?

When I’m playing a retro game, Mrs K will often comment, ‘Why does this game look so old, bubby?’ before giving me an odd look. Other times, when I’m delving into a quirky Japanese title (Yakuza, for example), I’m sometimes a little apprehensive in progressing with the story as the content can range from the bizarre to the highly questionable(!).

Mrs K loves that I’m passionate about my hobby, but sometimes I’d like to get her involved and make gaming a part of our ‘bubble time’. I’ve found that by playing games with a good story and a realistic setting, she really starts to become involved to the point where she’ll ask when I’m going to start playing again. In 2013, I picked up The Last of Us (Naughty Dog, Sony), which Mrs K absolutely loved. She saw it as immersive as watching an episode of something like ‘The Walking Dead’ or reading an engrossing page turner. Other titles that deliver similar levels of immersion and story include Outlast (Red Barrels Studio), (which Mrs K endured inbetween bouts of hiding behind a cusion or two), and both the Uncharted (Naughty Dog, Sony) and Silent Hill (Team Silent, Konami) series.

Many titles can provide the same level of immersion and depth as a movie and instead of shutting yourself away in your man/woman cave, it’s possible to include your significant other in your activity and making it a viable alternative to Netflix and chilling.

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