Argh! My husband is a Gamer!

Episode 4: Budget titles

My gaming backlog is somewhat substantial; basically, I’ll never run the risk of having nothing to play due to it’s size. As a result, I tend to restrict my gaming spend to at least one recent title and one retro item per month on average and depending on what’s available. Unless a game is a must have title (eg,The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild) I rarely buy new releases on day one.

Conversely, there are a few retro items that if they were to become available on eBay at an affordable price, I would have to have due to their rarity. This would mean that I would have to combine my new game spend with my retro game spend and, if required, any additional (disposable) money would be channeled into helping with the funding of said item. That, my friends, would be my total gaming spend for the month. I try not to go overboard and would never let my gaming purchasing habits affect my entertainment costs with Mrs K.

Mrs K and I enjoy going out, eating out and travelling, so funding these activities will always take precedence over my beloved hobby.

My advice would be to set a gaming budget per month, if you don’t spend that month, put that money aside for a gaming raining day and if that mint original Japanese Mega Drive suddenly became available, that money would surely come in handy.

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