What is a Micro Genius?

Back in 92’, I was at a friends playing Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (Konami/Palcom) on the NES when he casually mentioned that he had Final Fight (Capcom). Bare in mind that at this particular point in time, Final Fight was one of my most wanted games.

I’d seen the arcade original at a fairground in London a year earlier and soon realised that my beloved Commodore 64 would never receive a port. If the unthinkable happened and someone (probably U.S GOLD) managed to perform a miracle and carry this out, the end result would more than likely, be a huge disappointment.

I didn’t really know what to think. Did he really have the arcade? On a NES? As it transpired, he didn’t, but what he did have was a port of the game running on an unknown imported console called the Micro Genius. This blew my mind as I didn’t know that such a device existed, let alone be home to a port of Final Fight. The port itself ran a decent 8-bit rendition of the arcade game, looking not to dissimilar to what I would have imagined a NES port of the game would look like…..

As it transpired, the Micro Genius (pictured) is in fact a NES/ Famicom clone, that was popular in countries such as Malaysia during the early 90s, the country of my friends heritage. The console came in a variety of models and was widely available in markets where the Nintendo operated, due to copyright infringement issues.

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