E3 2017: A Way Out (HAZELIGHT, EA Originals)

June 11th

One of the more interesting reveals at EA’s “EAPLAY” conference yesterday, was the announcement of their new EA Originals program. The initiative operates with smaller development teams to provide support and funding, essentially ensuring that these teams have the resources available to help them achieve their goals. The intention is that EA will then, hopefully, benefit by producing more creative and inovative titles. Over the years, EA have acquired a reputation for producing derivative and uninspired games – A Way Out, one of the first titles to benefit from this new strategy, appears to be a significant step in the right direction. The game features two main protagonists (played simulataneously in co-op, either locally or online) who (initially) embark on a prison break adventure, relying on teamwork to get them through various scenarios. Cooperative play is so often ignored thesedays so the prospect of playing a title in this vein with a good story and (hopefully) solid mechanics is genuinely intruiging.

Looking forward to reading more about A Way Out in the coming months.

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