E3 2017: Microsoft unveils the XBox One X

June 12th

Microsoft unveiled it’s entry into the Premium console market at their E3 2017 conference yesterday. The XBOX One X will launch across the world on Novemebr 7th and retail at £449/€499/$499/CAD 599/AUS 649. Among the consoles many features include: 40% more power than it’s nearest rival, Support for 4K HD streaming, 6 teraflops which (supposedly) introduces better gameplay, the ability to record clips in full 4K resolution at 60FPS and 326 GB/sec memory bandwidth. Surprisngly, all this power is housed in the smallest XBOX ever – The Xbox One X is marginally smaller than the One S and significantly smaller than the orginal launch console.

One of the more impressive features was the annoucement that consumers will be able to play their original XBOX games on the console. This is a big pull for me as I have a slew of OG XBOX games in my colection that I have yet to play and would be able to do so – with improved performance and aesthetics – on all XBOX One consoles.

So, no one will question the console’s power, but the more pertinent question is how are the games?

During it’s presentation, Microsoft showcased both exclusive and console launch exclusive titles alongside those that will also feature on the PS4 and Windows 10. Some of the highlights for me personally, included: Forza Motorsport 7 (Turn Ten studios, Microsoft studios), Dragon Ball FighterZ (Arc System works), Metro Exodus (4A games) and Cuphead (Studio MGHR). Most impressive from a aesthetics perspective, however, was the exclusive Bioware developed title EA had previously teased the day before. Anthem (Bioware) will release in 2018 and on the surface it’s gameplay, looks like a hybrid of Destiny, Titanfall and Evolve with the protagnists donning Ironman-esque powersuits while traversing the environment and battling foes. The gameplay demo shown looked beautiful, however, the gameplay, although interesting, wasn’t anything we hadn’t seen before.

All in all, an okay to decent showing from Microsoft. Their new console is technical powerhouse, but it’s the quality of it’s games that ultimately will define it.

Overall: 7/10

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