E3 2017: Sony disappoint in uneven conference

June 13th

Sony rounded off their E3 presentation with extended gameplay footage of Spider-man (Insomniac Games), a title that was originally unveiled during last year’s conference and wont hit retail until 2018. This was very much in keeping with the conferences apparent theme – Here’s a little more of what we showed you last year, look forward to playing it next year. Earlier, gameplay footage of the new God of War (Sony) title was shown, demonstrating the games combat and highlighting some key story elements. Both God of War and Spider-man, looked very impressive, the later, seemingly aping certain combat mechanics from Rocksteady’s Batman, which is no bad thing for games of this type. A vibrant New York city looked fully realised, with Spider-man traversing his way from skyscraper to skyscraper with all the majestic, Hollywood quality we are familar with.

The combat footage from God of War further emphasised just how far the franchise has moved away from it’s character action leanings. As always, the fighting was visceral, but there was a sense of 3rd person dejavu with the FOV and set piece laden scenarios – the footage was reminiscent of an mythological Uncharted, albeit, with the usual 30fps hack and slash trappings.

Capcom announced their first Monster Hunter game for PS4, titled Monster Hunter: World, alongside a story trailer for the upcoming Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. While Monster Hunter’s reveal was met with moderate applause, the latest addition to the MVC franchise, drew confusion and tedium from the audience. The story, unsurprsingly, appeared cluttered and confusing while the art direction the game has taken has resulted in some very odd looking characters; Captain America, for example, appears as if he is the Hulk in Captain America cosplay due to his ridiculously huge size and proportions. Colours do not look vibrant and given what we have seen in both Guilty Gear Xrd and the recently revealed DragonballFighterZ (both Arc System Works titles), the overall appearance of the game lacks life and personality. Absurdly, no in-game foootage was shown, although, PS4 owners were granted a demo which was made available immediately on the PSN store.

That the biggest and most vocal response from the crowd came when a remake of the Team Ico classic, Shadow of the Colossus was revealed, spoke voumes and was somewhat fitting – A giant from the past casting a shadow, reminding all of what was once innovative, creative and great. Sony’s showing last night was of a company that is content with what it’s current position as market leader. Strong, stable, with a large majority lead and plans to calmly build on the foundations it has laid down. Let’s just hope complacency doesn’t take hold and the support remains loyal.

Overall: 6.5/10

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