E3 2017: Nintendo show that less is more

June 14th

While many of the titles on show during the Nintendo Spotlight stream that ran late afternoon (UK time) weren’t unexpected, it was the quality of what we saw that caught the eye and contributed in delivering the best platform centric conference of the expo. The two Breath of the Wild DLC trailers were full of the whimsical mystery that has captivated it’s audience since the main title’s release. In the first trailer, Link donned the much maligned tingle’s green outfit and was also involved in combat sitautions with our friends, the moblins. In the second (which appears to be a prequel of sorts) the 4 Champions (and Princess Zelda) featured, before it was revealed that 4 new Amiibos will be released to coincide with the DLC.

Reggie featured heavily throughout the promo, suited and serious in tone – a huge contrast to the content of the ‘spotlight’ and also the myriad of changeable backdrops behind him. Whether this was a nod to Super Mario Odyssey – from what we saw of the game, Mario effectively does a ‘Sonic Adventure’ and interacts with ‘humanoid’ NPCs in the city, effectively juxtaposing fantasy with real life – nobody knows.

Super Mario Odyssey is a joy to behold; the trailer exhibited all the zaniness and sheer nonsense that is so often associated with post N64 3D Mario. The 27th of October cannot come soon enough and with Xenoblade X2 also penciled in for an end of the year drop, 2017 is looking to be a vintage year for the big N.

Interspersed among the game trailer footage, teasers for the unexpected Metroid Prime 4 and also an announcement for the first non-portable, fully fledged Pokémon game for the Switch, also made their presence felt and anticipation is high for both titles.

Nintendo never have a huge selection of titles to show at E3 but what they do have is the quality, creativity, ingenuity and fun. No amount of teraflops tubthumping or VR demonstrations can compete with that.

Overall: 8/10

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