This week…in gaming magazines

This past week saw the release (for one issue only) of the fondly remembered UK Super Nintendo publication, Super Play. Available with this month’s issue of Retrogamer magazine, the 48th issue was created to coincide with the imminent arrival of the Super Nintendo Mini later this month. The magazine featured lots of nostalgia as well as reviews of all it’s accompanying games, barring Star Fox 2, due to NDA.

The Super Play’s resurrection was met with much excitement throughout the retrogaming scene.

Back in the days before the internet, before YouTube and dedicated gaming media outlets, gaming magazines were are main source of news for videogame fans. Being a proud owner of a ZX Spectrum, Crash was the first publication I picked up, predominantly for demos, but as I got older and with the growth of CVG (Computer and Video Games), then later, the launch of Mean Machines, my attention was drawn more and more to the the magazine’s content. Whether it was the latest news from Japan or a report from one of the electronic shows in the States, each issue was packed with enough information to tide you over until the following month. CVG and Mean Machines were created by people with a genuine love for the industry and their enthusiasm for gaming was infectious. The first Mean Machines I bought, featured a review of Bare Knuckle (Sega) for the Mega Drive. I remember poring over each screen shot of that review, reading and re-reading every single accompanying comment. I couldn’t get enough.

With the advent of the digital age, we have seen a decline in printed media publications and as a gamer who experienced news such as the Super Famicom CD rumours, the rise of import gaming and the infamous Sega v Nintendo war, solely through the magazines I bought each month, it’s been facinating watching the behaviour change in how media is now consumed. Content is merely a click away, rather than a month and we are rarely surprised by gaming news as information is known months maybe even years in advance.

Long gone are the days where we would rush to our local Newsagents to discover what title would be gracing the cover of our favourite gaming magazines. This week, we were lucky enough to receive a little reminder of what those days were like.

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