Gaming room update part 1:

Since Mrs K and I moved into our apartment just over a year ago, I’ve gradually been bringing the bulk of my collection over from my mum’s house to our new home. I pretty much have everything here now, the next step is to arrange it all so it starts to look something like what I’m envisioning. The plan is to eventually set up a YouTube gaming channel, but I’m not there yet. Yes, guys, thegaminghubby is still in it’s infancy.

Today I’m going to discuss my plans for the retro gaming set-up.

I’m looking to create an authentic retro set-up with a focus on the Mega Drive, Wii, PS2 and OG XBOX (the only console still at my mum’s!) – basically I’m pretty much there, I have my Sony Trinitron KV-21LSE0U that I will hook all 4 retro consoles to (I know, it’s weird calling the 6th generation of consoles retro, but in theory they are!) via a Scart switcher. In the future, I hope to invest in a OSSC or maybe even Micomsoft’s Framemeister’s successor.

This is all important stuff, but I also need to make the room feel authentic! I need a nice gaming rug (seemingly impossible to find), some shelves and more game related art pieces.

Tomorrow I’ll discuss my ideas for my modern day set up. This is just the beginning. I’ll be posting pictures of how things progress, so hopefully you can follow me on this, not so epic journey.

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