Gaming room update part 2:

So my modern set up. Admittedly, this has kind of taken a back seat of late;I own a PS4 and continue to buy games for it, but I’m very particular about the type of games I play (action and Japanese/retro inspired games mostly), so my catalogue isn’t exactly extensive.

With regards to hardware, I’m happy with the console and am not looking to upgrade to a PS4 Pro anytime soon. I see the appeal; if you are a modern day graphics obsessive, the facility to play the latest releases at their optimum has to be a huge pull. At this stage I haven’t been bitten by the 4K bug and I’m happy with what the standard iteration offers.

What does appeal to me regarding the PS4 Pro’s main competitor, the soon to be released XBOX One X, is it’s backwards compatibility function. Playing some of my favourite OG XBOX and XBOX 360 titles with enhanced visuals and performance is a big attraction and  reason enough for me to consider picking up a device at some point in the future.

Right now, I’m relatively happy with my modern day set up, although, I do need an audio boost…more on that to come in a future post.

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