The long journey to Hyrule castle

I’d read reviews of both Crono Trigger and Final Fantasy III in Mean Machines during the mid nineties, but living in PAL land and only being a young teenager at the time, I realised that there was little chance that I would ever get to play either of these much vaunted titles (I have since played both). Having been blown away by the review, my brother bought a US import copy of Crono Trigger that we played using a cartridge adapter. I was bitten by the JRPG bug.

During the 2000s, we saw the advent of open world games that were similar to RPGs in that they introduced large, expansive worlds, but also required a significant time investment in order to fully appreciate them.

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed both genres, but due to time being at a premium and with so many other commitments, spending 100+Hours on a single game isn’t feasible these days.

Unless it’s a special case, of course

Since March, I’ve been steadily making my way through The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild. I’ve paced myself and even though I’m playing sporadically and the sessions aren’t as long as I’d have liked, I’ve felt that I’ve given the game the due care and attention it deserves. I took a similar approach when playing through Crono Trigger on the DS this year, which I was also able to finish.

So it can be done, I can get through an open world game and complete an RPG while still carrying out my husbandly duties. It’s taken close to a year, but I’m (finally!) almost at Hyrule Castle.

Whilst playing BotW, I’ve also managed to finish Shovel Knight (+ it’s DLC), Cursed Castilla and learn a new character on Street Fighter.

Not bad going!

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