Review: 8bitdo’s SF30 2.4G controller

Finding a 3rd party controller that offers the similar level of performance as a first party original can be a tortuous exercise. Back in the 90’s when there were no YouTube ‘unboxings’ or reviews, any purchase of a controller that wasn’t from the original manufacturer was pretty much a ‘buy at your own risk’ affair. As with the large majority of 8bitdo’s products, the reviews for the SF30 2.4G controller have been very positive and having spent some time gauging it’s performance, I’d have to agree.


The SF30 2.4G uses a wireless 2.4G connection and despite this, during testing (using Super Ghouls’n Ghosts on the SNES mini), I didn’t experience any instances of lag. General button inputs were responsive as was directional navigation control using the D-pad.

Build quality

Although the SF30 2.4G feels slightly different to the 1st party controllers that ship with both the original SNES and the SNES mini, the build quality is solid, robust and offers a premium finish. Face button presses feel durable and “snappy” not soft, providing tactile feedback. The now iconic L and R buttons, similarly perform well and give a satisfying “click” when used.


Providing virtually lagless experience while offering both a premium finish and robust feel, the SF30 2.4G controller is another solid entry in 8bitdo’s well received product line. With Retro-Bit looking to offer 3rd party controllers under the Sega license next year, we only hope that they can follow 8bitdo’s lead and deliver accessories of a similarly high quality.

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