2018 preview part 3

To round off my 2018 preview, here is a short list of the remaining games I’ll be hoping to pick up this year.


Shenmue 3 (Ys Net, Deep Silver)

I’ve backed the kickstarter having enjoyed the majority of Shenmue 2 on the XBOX, but given how far open world games have progressed since the advent of ‘FREE’ (full reactive eyes entertainment) back in 1999, can Shenmue capture the imagination of an audience that has been brought up in the expansive sandbox’s of GTA and the Elder Scrolls games? I have faith in Yu Suzuki.

Xenocrisis (Bitmap Bureau)

I’m a sucker for new Mega Drive action games and Xenocrisis, another Kick-started title, certainly scratches that itch. A top- down arena shooter at it’s core, which promises multiplayer, a plethora of levels and enemies, Xenocrisis is already showing a lot of promise.

Paprium (Watermelon Games)

It’s 2018 and we’re still wondering whether Paprium actually exists (lol, we know it does, of course). We’ve had the PayPal mixup, the interesting tweets by Watermelon staff and more recently, a random response tweet from the WM twitter account indicating that the games release should be within ‘the next 2 or 3 months’. Who knows, but the thirst is real and fans live in hope that the spiritual successor to Sega’s 16-bit Classic series, Bare Knuckle/Streets of Rage, will finally see the light of day.

Honourable mentions:

State of Decay 2, Red Dead Redemption 2, Darksiders 3 and Yakuza 6.

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