Retro gaming setup update!

I’ve made slow but steady progress with my Retro gaming set-up and here’s how things are shaping up at the moment.


  • SEGA Mega Drive (JP)
  • Super Nintendo Classic
  • NES Classic
  • Nintendo Wii
  • XBOX
  • PlayStation 2

I’ve made some pretty cool pick ups this week, let’s take a look:

Otaku games 6 port scart switcher

I’d been without a scart switcher for a long time so finally caved in and bought the Otaku games 6 port scart switcher (will cover this in an upcoming review) due to it’s relatively low cost compared to the more expensive alternatives.

Packapunch EuroSCART male to male 3.0m

So how does the switcher connect to the the TV? I picked up this male to male scart lead from after doing a little bit of research into the importance of cable quality. Although a little expensive, this seemed to tick all the right boxes.

Those paying attention will notice the “Mega Drive” sat next to the NES mini. This is, in fact, the HD Retrogame, a Chinese MD clone. Why I have this will all be explained Very soon!

Still a long way to go!

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