Clearing the backlog

Who remembers the days, when as child, you could only afford, maybe one game, every 3-4 months and you played that game, finished it, then continued to play it again and again until you had enough money to buy a new one? As adults with disposable income, those days are long gone and it’s easy to find ourselves overwhelmed with the amount of games we buy over the course of a year for multiple consoles, but very little time to play them.

As a married man with a plenty of family commitments, finding game time is harder than ever and I’m discovering that an already substantial backlog is getting even bigger. So this new year, I’m looking to make a significant dent into my collection beginning with the games that I’d started, but hadn’t managed to finish, due to time constraints. The assault begins this weekend with Wayforward’s action-platformer/brawler based on the Marvel cinematic universes Thor, ‘Thor: God of Thunder’, a game I started back in 2012, but failed to see through to the end.

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