5 of the best for 2019: Mortal Kombat 11

Having been brought up on Capcom fighting games and particularly the Street Fighter franchise, I’ve always viewed the Mortal Kombat series as more ‘style over substance’ since it’s inception; the original, a game born in an era where digitised sprites and gore were seen as attractive distractions from the more intricate mechanics available in Japanese fighting games. The games have improved since the original with the more recent iterations making their way into respected fighting game tournaments.

MK11 was officially showcased on Friday and despite appearing to suffer from the same animation and ‘idle stance’ issues that were present in the previous games (and in recent NetherRealm Studios games), the violence, mechanics and stark visuals do look interesting.

As someone who is looking for a more casual fighting game to get into these days, MK11 is slowly creeping onto my radar.

Gameplay trailer:

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