5 of the best for 2019: Sekiro: Shadows die twice

Next month will be 10 years since we saw the release of FROMsoftware’s Demons’ Souls and since then the Japanese developer have continued to forge games that have stood on the back of their genre creating giant. After Demons’ Souls followed the Dark Souls series and then finally, their masterpiece, the terrifying and absorbing, Bloodborne. Bloodborne built on the foundations established in the Souls game, but managed to streamline much of the excess and introduced one of gamings most memorable settings – If there is one aspect in FROM’s game design that they create better than anyone else, it’s the atmosphere and Bloodborne was literally dripping in it.

So when news surfaced that their next game would take place during Japan’s Sengoko period, the gaming world had no other option but to take notice. Sekiro: Shadows die twice follows the same tried and tested format as FROMs ‘Soulsborne’ efforts, but perhaps more interestingly, there are elements that stem from the developers past. Tenchu was a stealth series partially developed by FROM software and Sekiro was initially conceived as the next instalment in that franchise (the decision was later made to create an entirely new game).

Interspersed with the stealth elements lifted from Tenchu, Sekiro will aim to recreate the tension of a sword fight during each encounter, with the player looking for opportune moments to strike a lethal blow.

Whether the setting,  modifications to combat design and other new gameplay mechanics will be enough to elevate the Sekiro above FROMs other franchises remains to be seen, but what looks almost certain is that this will be a title that will be steeped in FROMs obvious quality.

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