Gaming goals

What are some of your gaming goals? Is there are particular game you have been looking to get or series you’re hoping to complete? Maybe a console?

I have a few, some are highly unlikely, while others are certainly more achievable. In this small series, I’ll give a rating to each goal, with 10 being highly likely and 1 being extremely unlikely. Given the change in my circumstances in that we now have a baby to think about, many of these goals may have to wait until we move into a bigger house, but certainly not unrealistic.

Today I’m looking at games and Mega Drive titles in particular.

Vampire Killer

I already own the Castlevania Bloodlines (US), however, I’d really like to own the JP version of the game, Vampire Killer. Unfortunately, a CIB copy costs over £400 these days making this pick up very unlikely. 2/10

Eliminate Down

I’ve recently started picking up a number of the Mega Drive’s classic Shmup titles, for moderate prices. Never released in the West, Eliminate Down is considered one of the consoles higher tier STGs, but with prices ranging from the late £100s to over £1k, this purchase is extremely unlikely. 1/10


Gleylancer is another one if the fabled Mega Drive STGs that never saw the light of day on Western shores in physical form (although, Gleylancer was available on the Wii Virtual Console, RIP). Prices are not as high as Eliminate Down, but still very much out of my reach at £400 and above. 4/10

M.U.S.H.A: Aleste

M.U.S.H.A is a respected STG on the system, but also one that’s highly sought after. Unlike Eliminate Down and Gleylancer, however, prices are not completely absurd and a CIB JP cope can be bought for under £200, depending on the seller. The likelihood of me picking up
M.U.S.H.A is pretty good, but maybe not right now. 6/10

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