Gaming with a Rainbow baby

rainbow baby
  1. a baby born subsequent to a miscarriage, stillbirth, or the death of an infant from natural causes.
    “my rainbow baby gave me my hope back”

As a sometime content creator, gamer, full-time husband and now father, my priorities have certainly changed since the birth of our little boy.

Instead of coming home, switching on a console and trying to clear my shameful backlog, my first thought is always about our son, Maxi. I ask my wife how she has been coping with a day’s worth of feeds, tantrums and nappy changes then try to relieve some of the load by taking the baby duty reigns during the evening so she can get some much needed rest and prepare for the sleepless night ahead. I enjoy spending time with the son we thought we’d never have (our first son, Luca was stillborn at 26 weeks) and am filled with an immense sense of pride, watching him develop with each passing day. There really isn’t a more enjoyable experience.

But where does this leave my gaming habit?

Well, I’m getting plenty of use out of my Switch (Currently playing various STGs and Firewatch) and when we return home (we are staying at my in laws at the moment), I have the Spider-man DLC to wrap up, Resident Evil 2 to grab and Devil May Cry V to come in March.

Hang on, how in the world am I going to juggle all these games with a new born baby? Honestly,I really don’t know, but will certainly have fun trying.

2 Replies to “Gaming with a Rainbow baby”

  1. I’ve heard the Switch is a godsend for gaming parents due to the portability and ability to pause at any time in any game.

    Congratulations on your bundle of joy!My parents went through something similar before having me.

    Whenever you get a chance to write about games again you should stop by Geek Blogs United on Facebook. They’re super friendly and will help grow your readership. 🙂

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