Mega Drive mini update: More classic titles announced!

The people asked and Sega listened.

The Mega Drive mini is shaping up to be one of the premier mini consoles on the market. With the recent announcement that M2 would be handed the porting reigns, Sega announced the first 10 titles to be available on the console, including heavy hitters such as Vampire Killer, Gunstar Heroes, Sonic 2 and Comic Zone. Last week, Sega revealed another 10, including Contra: Hard Corps, MUSHA Aleste, Thunder Force III and Bare Knuckle II. Bear in mind, these are some of the bigger names announced for the Japanese version; the EU/US release list isn’t slouching at all with both Mickey Mouse ‘Illusion’ titles announced (The JP version only has World of Illusion) and, arguably the pinnacle of the Shinobi series, Shinobi III.

What is clear is that Sega are taking the development of the mini very seriously. With another 20 games still to be announced, fans will be optimistic that the quality of titles available remains high and the mini is in safe hands.

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