Mega Drive mini, all titles revealed!

Sega have revealed the names for all 42 titles to appear on the soon to be released Mega Drive mini. On the surface, all regions have been blessed with their fair share of heavy hitters, so I don’t think fans can be particularly upset by what’s on offer. I’ve opted for the JP variant, mainly from an aesthetic perspective, but it also features some titles that I don’t own (MUSHA, being one).

Sega also announced a Mega Drive mini bag and a replica “Mega Tower” that, unfortunately, isn’t fully functional, but does look like a cool piece of kit to own for any Mega Drive fan – it even features it’s own Sonic the Hedgehog cartridge! Good luck finding the tower as most sites are longer listing it as available.

As mentioned in my previous post, M2 are doing the software porting, so Sega appear to be doing things the right way and aiming to please the hobbyist crowd as well as those with a passing interest in their beloved 16-bit hardware.

Wikipedia lists the titles for all regions below:

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